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Get involved in your vessel (great potential).


Design / Consulting & Service

We will contribute to society by creating a rich environment with technology and creativity.

To various clients so that my work can be used in your future

We will be close to you and help you with manufacturing.

We are making efforts to improve our services by making our own efforts so that people can say "I'm glad I left it to you" and "I'm glad I consulted".

Service list

We provide services that solve the problems of individuals, corporations, and everyone.

For details, please see the link at "+ More details" at the bottom of each item.

* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from the inquiry page.


CAD drawing creation

​ (2D, 3D drawings)

Drafting (data conversion) is performed. The created drawings will be delivered as versatile data such as PDF, DWG, DXF. We can also deliver drawings printed in A3 / A4.

​Monitoring screen design

We will build a system that can perform various monitoring such as monitoring of production sites, remote control equipment, management of failure points of each equipment, management of trouble occurrence status and history. We propose a monitoring system that meets the needs of our customers.

System control

Soft design

We are good at controlling with a sequencer (programmable controller [PLC]), and by linking a computer and a sequencer, we aim to build a further system and realize customer satisfaction.

Witness adjustment

​ After service

Regardless of domestic or overseas, we will dispatch engineers to the site to check the operation of the constructed system and equipment, and to provide after-sales service.

Hard design

We design the outline drawing, internal layout drawing, wiring diagram, etc. of the control panel / power panel for each device constructed by the mechanical equipment specifications and system design. In addition, we will also create a wiring diagram with each electrical device outside the control panel.



Based on the client's requests and opinions, we will put the idea into shape. If necessary, we will propose, manufacture, and sell various fields in the form of outsourcing to the relevant places that we own.

Keyboard and Mouse

First free consultation

We are accepting applications for the contents of the above service list.

If necessary, we will visit and have a meeting for free for the first time in the Kanto area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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