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design development ​​​​​​


We design the outline drawing, internal layout drawing, wiring diagram, etc. of the control panel / power panel for each device constructed by the mechanical equipment specifications and system design. In addition, we will also create a wiring diagram with each electrical device outside the control panel.

"Hardware design / development flow"

basic design

We will summarize the basic design from the requirement definition that summarizes the customer's needs and requests. It will be a necessary design document when reconsidering after designing.

We will determine whether the requirements are optimal for the machine equipment and system specifications.

Detailed design

We have a meeting with the customer based on the basic design, digitize the basic design in more detail, and provide the materials (outline drawing, internal layout drawing, wiring diagram, parts drawing) necessary for the manufacturer to process and produce accurately. Create.

delivery of materials

We will deliver the created materials as paper or data files at the request of the customer. If the desired delivery method is not possible due to our equipment, please contact us separately.

* If you are looking for a processing / manufacturer of a product that you have designed, or a product that has already been designed, we will introduce you to the company of your banking partner.

[About charges]

Formal quotations will vary depending on the work man-hours and required quality (form) each time.

Transportation costs and accommodation days will be free for the first meeting only , and the basic man-hours will be 1h / 4000 yen, and we will discuss the delivery date each time.

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