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Marble Surface

CAD drawing creation

(2D, 3D drawings)

Image by Scott Graham

We use 2D and 3D CAD to design and study, as well as create assembly drawings and parts drawings. Not only basic knowledge of how to write drawings by CAD, but also elements such as sense and ideas such as ideas about design and structure are required.
On top of that, it is necessary to properly process and assemble one item based on the drawing while firmly observing the conventions on the drawing, not the unrealistic design on the desk, and to make the specifications satisfy the end user. not. Even if you make an item based on one drawing, many people have to move by it. So to speak, a drawing is a work order, and it has its own responsibility.

We will create the drawings you need by submitting trace manuscripts, blueprints, rough sketches, photographs, actual products, and 3D data.

"2D CAD (2D CAD)"

Available data is below

・ Image data (jpg, pdf, gif, png, etc.)

・ Vector data (ai, pdf, dwg, dxf, etc.)

・ MS Office data (docx, xlsx, pptx, etc.)

"3D CAD (3D CAD)"

・ CAD data (step, x_t, iges, etc.)

・ CG data (obj, etc.)

* Depending on the data provided, we may ask you to provide data in a different format, increase the work time, and discuss how to express the figure.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[About charges]

The formal quotation will vary depending on the work man-hours and required quality (format) , but basically it will be 1h / 3500 yen and we will discuss the delivery date each time.

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