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Marble Surface

Based on the client's requests and opinions, we will put the idea into shape.

If necessary, we will introduce the related parts that we have.

We make proposals, manufacture and sell in various fields in the form of outsourcing.

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Looking for creators who have a hobby of DIY and are full of ideas every day.

Would you like to sell handmade products at our online shop?

Currently, there are EC sites where you can build various online sales individually. When I built this site, I actually felt it, but is it a mall type or a shopping cart type? You need to acquire an account or domain ... The more you search for initial costs, monthly costs, fees, etc., the more complicated it is. While you are busy, it may be very difficult to take the time to build an EC site that suits you from scratch. And when it comes to mass production and sales, the necessary production costs and running costs raise the threshold even further.

Therefore, except for those who make online sales the main business, those who want to sell their own products at the Side business level like me, and who want to earn income even with pocket money.

Why don't you join (exhibit) the "Vessel Interact Products" online shop that I launched as an extension of my hobby?

And I would like to consult with people who want to put their ideas into shape.

"Handmade product sales"

* First of all, please check the BHP online shop from the lower right button and feel free to contact us.

~ Flow until listing ~


"Video editing agency"

Are you sleeping in your computer, smartphone or tablet without editing videos and photos taken by your family and friends?

We will act as an agent for editing home memory videos, Youtube videos, WEB advertising videos, and photo slide production.
We will either send you the video data to be edited, or let us know the specific image based on the captured data before making the video.

We will deliver by the specified data file service, DVD, Blu-ray, etc. (negotiable).

* Delivery deadline may vary depending on the production content.

~ Flow until delivery ~


Complete image


Make a quote


Data provision


delivery of materials

* For your reference, click the lower right button to see the channel edited by the representative himself.

Please feel free to contact us first.

Wooden Floor and Furnitures

"Made to order furniture design production"

Are you looking for furniture with a ruler / tape measure at a large furniture store such as Niri or IK ○ A while paying attention to the room layout? However, you can't find furniture that is just the right size and perfect for your image.

Do you reluctantly compromise with commercial size furniture? The solution is still made to order.

I think that custom-made furniture has an expensive image. … That's right, unfortunately it's expensive.

However, as you know, the quality of custom-made furniture depends on the materials you choose, but it is very durable and long-lasting, unlike furniture manufactured at mass retailers, in terms of processing, assembly, and quality.

How about a piece of furniture that you love and that incorporates your ideas?

~ A craftsman with 50 years of experience will make it with all his soul. ~

~ Flow until delivery ~



Processing drawings

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* Please feel free to contact us first.

Material purchasing


delivery of materials



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