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Monitoring screen design

(Touch panel / TFT)


We will build a system that can perform various monitoring such as monitoring of production sites, remote control equipment, management of failure points of each equipment, management of trouble occurrence status and history. We propose a monitoring system that meets the needs of our customers.

"Flow of monitoring screen design"

basic design

We will summarize the basic design from the requirement definition that summarizes the customer's needs and requests. It will be a necessary design document when reconsidering after designing.

Determine whether the requirements are optimal for the monitoring system and create them.

Detailed design

Please actually draw the design of the monitoring screen based on the basic design and check it first. After approval, we will build a detailed design to create the required programming for that screen.

Operation test

Build a monitoring screen based on the upper design document. We will download the program to the monitoring screen and test the operation to see if it meets the customer's requirements and specifications without any problems. Please contact us regarding compatible screen models.

delivery of materials

Delivery is not complete, and after-sales follow-up is also solid.

If it is necessary to modify or change the built monitoring screen after delivery, we will discuss it again and respond.

[About charges]

Formal quotations will vary depending on the work man-hours and required quality (form) each time.

Transportation costs and accommodation days will be free for the first meeting only , and the basic man-hours will be 1h / 4000 yen, and we will discuss the delivery date each time.

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