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System control

Software design


System design is what solidifies the outline of the system.
It corresponds to the rough guidelines and the design required for programming.

We are good at control by sequencer and programmable controller (PLC), and by linking computer and sequencer, we aim to build further system and realize customer satisfaction.

"Flow of system control software design"

basic design

We will summarize the basic design from the requirement definition that summarizes the customer's needs and requests. It will be a necessary design document when reconsidering after designing.

We will determine whether the requirements can be systematized and create them.

Detailed design

Detailed design makes the basic design a design document necessary for programming. It is important to imagine and create programming so that you can work without hesitation when programming.

Manufacture /

system test

It is the stage to build the system based on the upper design document.
We will respond so that there will be no problem even if there are corrections and changes later, so that the structure will be rational.

delivery of materials

It is not complete with delivery, and if necessary after delivery, we will check whether the manufactured system works normally as requested by the customer. If it is necessary to make corrections or changes based on the results, we will discuss it again and respond.

[About charges]

Formal quotations will vary depending on the work man-hours and required quality (form) each time.

Transportation costs and accommodation days will be free for the first meeting only , and the basic man-hours will be 1h / 4000 yen, and we will discuss the delivery date each time.

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